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Medical professionals depend on a steady cash flow to maintain their clinics, pay for equipment, and compensate their employees. If you own a medical practice and are unable to obtain funding from banks or other traditional lenders, a medical financing loan from Horizon Business Funding could be the right solution for you. Even if you had bad credit or have been declined for a bank loan, we can still provide you with the capital you need in as little as 24 hours. Eligibility for medical financing loans is based not on your credit, but rather on your monthly gross earnings. As long as you have operated a medical practice in the United States for at least 3 months and can show proof of revenue totaling at least $10,000 per month, then you qualify!

Medical Financing Loans

Medical Financing Loans

Our Program

If you are approved for a medical financing loan, we will advance your capital within one business day. In doing so, we are purchasing a percentage of your future earnings. Once you have received your advance, we will deduct a portion of your daily earnings until the full amount has been paid back. In some cases we will deduct a small fixed amount each day. Alternatively, we can collect a percentage of your daily bank deposits until the full amount has been paid off. With this approach, your payments are proportionate to your earnings, so you will not be overburdened when business is slow, and there is no fixed repayment term. 

  • No collateral or property liens.
  • Cash funding in 24 hours.
  • Credit card processing not required.
  • No application fee.
  • Bad credit is not an issue.
  • Bankruptcy and foreclosure OK.
  • Loans do not appear on your credit report.
  • No restrictions on use of funds.

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Fresh Harvest Announces Logo Design Challenge

The contest is for the creation of a corporate logo for Fresh Harvest. Currently, in its qualifying round, the contest is open for anyone to submit initial design ideas until Saturday, March 10, 2012. There are no design or creative limitations for the creation of the logo. The designs can be a variety of things, including: a two-dimensional typo-graphical treatment, an animation, a sculpture, or even a photograph of a 3-d rendering.

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New York City Website Design Firm client list is impressive. Lost, SYFY, Star Trek, Spiderman

Web Developer for Syfy (Formerly, The Scifi Channel). In that role we created the HTML and CSS framework for the new Syfy.com. I coded major sections of the new site such as the Home Page, Schedule, and Movies sections as well as major show sites. We also authored the main menu code used on every page of Syfy.com.

We regularly create and maintain hundreds of Pages in the Syfy Network. I also handle the Syfy Weekly newsletter which I create every week and send to over 400,000 subscribers.

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